Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

That’s how millions of CA law-abiding gun owners are sure to feel after they learn who will replace CA Senator Josh Newman (D-District 29).

Following a successful recall of Newman in Tuesday’s statewide primary election, former Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang (R-Diamond Bar) will become the Democrat’s senate successor.

Newman was known for his votes to advance SB 1346 (bump stock ban) and SB 1200 (gun violence restraining orders) in the past few months.

But the problem is Chang is just plain terrible on the Second Amendment as well. Despite the LA Times’ grousing over her stopping the Democrats’ supermajority in California, Chang has a voting record that essentially mirrors Newman’s on gun rights.

Chang previously voted in favor of Assembly Bill 1135 and Senate Bill 880 (both bullet button bans), as well as AB 1695, which sought to expand the prohibited persons list to include some non-violent misdemeanors, during the 2016 legislative session. 

So unfortunately, despite a golden opportunity to advance gun rights in California, Newman’s recall has has essentially become a zero sum game.