Sacramento elitist politicians are threatening to destroy your gun rights by trying to thwart our lawsuit.

Last week, Firearms Policy Coalition, FPC Second Amendment Defense Committee, 8th District Congressional Candidate Tim Donnelly, two Hollywood producers, and the director of the San Diego Gun Owners filed a lawsuit to overturn one of the many unconstitutional laws of the California State Assembly.

Current law DOES NOT allow us or anybody else to use video from the Assembly to inform voters of what is actually happening in political material.

If we do, we could be charged with a misdemeanor, fined and jailed.

So if we put together a video showing the anti-gun insanity in Sacramento to try to dissuade people from voting for the Ammo Ban this November or to show a specific district what their Assemblymember is doing for election purposes, we would cease to exist.

We must win this lawsuit to ensure the Ammo Ban and anti-gun politicians DO NOT win! 

“Coincidentally”, elitist politicians gutted-and-amended two bills, SCA 14 and SB 884, to do the same exact thing that our lawsuit attempts to do: overturn this unconstitutional law.

Which would usually be great.

Here’s the kicker: they would only take effect AFTER this year’s election.

We still wouldn’t be able to fight the Ammo Ban or inform people of what their Assemblymember is voting on via video.

Which puts your gun rights at a huge risk.