No really, they were wondering why the "civilian head of the Navy" carried a sidearm... #FakeNews

Via Ammoland:

Hypocrites in the media!

A recent photograph of our SECNAV visiting troops in Afghanistan reveals him openly carrying a pistol in a SERPA holster.

This photobrought-on immediate censurefrom (who else?) CNN correspondent, Barbara Starr.

She twits: “Can someone explain why the head of our Navy is wearing a sidearm?”

Last I heard, Afghanistan is an area of active fighting. Anyone there, with at least two brain-cells to rub together, goes armed. But, gun-hating leftists at CNN, safe, secure (and protected by security guards, wearing sidearms) within their Corporate office, obviously don’t care.

Of course, CNN executives quietly employ a veritable army of armed security guards to protect them (about which they never talk), but they are“far too pure”to ever touch a gun themselves!

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