URGENT: Gunpocalypse may be voted on again as early as Monday

This week, the elitist, anti-gun political class in Sacramento tried to enact ‘Gunpocalypse’ in secret.

TEN gun control bills were going to be passed behind your back.

But we didn’t let that happen.

We made this anti-Second Amendment blitzkrieg known nationally, and shined an unwanted light on the work of these politicians against our gun rights in over 100 newspapers and TV stations.

But now they may be planning on doing it again as early as Monday!

We need you to watch our short post-Gunpocalypse video and act now in order to ensure that the Speaker of the Assembly does not act in the same disdainful manner as Kevin “Ghost Gun” de Leon.

The bills that passed the Senate last week may be brought up by disregarding the rules on Monday, May 23rd.

Sign our petition to demand that Speaker Anthony Rendon not suspend the rules and allow the bills to be heard in the normal legislative process.

Make sure he hears us Monday morning by signing the petition below:

Speaker Rendon, please DO NOT suspend the legislative rules! The anti-gun bills that were just passed through the Senate should be heard in all the relevant committees!