California Anti-CCW Assembly Bill 1134 Moving Forward in the Senate

Assembly Bill 1134 — a bill that would allow California’s sheriffs and police chiefs to make it even harder for you to apply for and be granted a license to carry a handgun (“CCW”) — was referred to the Senate Committee on Public Safety yesterday.

Firearms Policy Coalition has been and remained strongly focused on stopping this anti-gun bill, but we need all California gun owners to stand with us in opposition to AB 1134 NOW. As explained by FPC President Brandon Combs in a recent letter to the Assembly,

“Under AB 1134, the possibilities for the consolidation and rearrangement of powers and duties are virtually — and undemocratically — limitless; a never-ending shell game of delegated authorities, wherein the law-abiding public plays the game’s cup-tipping sucker.”

Voice your opposition to AB 1134 before the Public Safety Committee meets and votes on the bill — join together and help us kill the bill before it reaches a floor vote!

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