As you've probably heard, the 49ers football team has just decided to spend $500,000 to promote gun control.

That's right, they're engaging in an effort to ban "silencers, armor piercing rounds, bump stocks and other mechanisms."

$500,000 is a lot of money that will go a long way in promoting their cause.

If the 49ers, who haven't won a single game in the NFL this season, are any indication, attacking the Second Amendment should be a losing issue.

But as we've seen, time and time again, the anti-gunners are only more emboldened with every passing day. 

And in order to beat them, we need YOUR help.

We'll be honest with you. We don't have an extra $500,000 laying around to spend on combating their lies and attacks on your Second Amendment rights. 

We don't have billionaire donors or rich franchise owners.

We need to fight back and we need resources to do so, so we need YOUR help.

Can you please donate $49, or whatever you can, to FPC today to help us counter this brand new gun control push.

We're not a giant NFL franchise.

We rely on grassroots donors like YOU.

So help FPC fight back against this brand new propaganda campaign!

$500,000 is a lot of money. We have a lot of ground to make up.

So don't sit on the sidelines. FPC needs to be ready to answer this and fight back against the billionaire gun grabbers.
Send a message!

Donate $49 to FPC to help keep up the battle against the gun control lies and propaganda!