Senate President Pro Tem Kevin “Ghost Gun” de Leon is already coming after your unserialized firearms, but now he is coming after your ammo!

His bill, SB 1235, seeks to restrict the sale of ammunition via a “ may-issue”  ammunition vendors licensing scheme, enact prohibitions on common, every-day, mundane behavior and transactions—turning residents and visitors into criminals, and set up a giant new bureaucracy within one of the least capable state agencies to do so — the California Department of Justice.

Yes, the guy who famously said that semi automatic rifles can shoot “a 30 magazine clip in half a second” is now coming after your ammo.

He believes that the DOJ must regulate it for the safety for all Californians.

How? He really hasn’t said yet… and we know he won’t because that’s not the reality of the situation.

But the more insidious thing about this bill is the real reason he is promoting it.

De Leon and other Legislators are trying to out compete Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom to who can strip away the Second Amendment first.

So in order to advance his political career, de Leon is banking on the fact that gun owners will just roll over and let their fundamental right to purchase ammunition be trampled.

I’m here to tell you that FPC is dead-set on tearing down de Leon’s bill and whatever else he seeks to accomplish on the backs of law-abiding gun owners.