It will be raining anti-gun bills in 2017.

A couple of days ago, we alerted you to brand new bills that were being pushed by Attorney General Bob Ferguson to ban all “assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines.

We can now tell you that those bills are officially HB 1134 and SB 5050.

As described before, these bills will seek to disarm Washingtonians of commonly used firearms and magazines, leaving everyone defenseless against potential criminal and terrorist action.

But that is not enough for Ferguson and his cronies in the Legislature.

He also has proposed another anti-gun idea, creating a new licensing process, including an enhanced background check, to purchase and possess “assault weapons” and “large capacity” magazines.

“I am working hard to advance my proposal to ban assault weapons in the legislature, and that effort will continue,” Ferguson said. “In the meantime, I hope we can pass enhanced background checks in this legislative session with strong bipartisan support.”

A license would be required for any purchase any of the items. At the time of purchase, an additional in-depth background check would be conducted, and all purchases would be subject to a 10-day waiting period — similar to standard handgun purchases.

The license would be mandated to be renewed annually to ensure the holder maintains eligibility to possess these weapons and magazines.

It is obvious that Ferguson is hedging his bets.

If his extreme measure doesn’t go through, he hopes he can receive bipartisan support for his “mild” measure, while still infringing on the Second Amendment.

But “Shall not be Infringed” still stands.

And that is why we will be fighting both of these terrible bills.

We can, only do that, however, with your support.

Pledge to fight all of these bills , including Ferguson’s alternative “assault weapons” bill.