Do you own a magazine that was EVER capable of holding more than 10 rounds? If so, Senator Loni Hancock's (D-Berkeley) SB 1446 will make you a criminal.

SB 1446 will ban mere possession of ALL standard capacity magazines that can hold over 10 rounds, including those that were permanently modified by the owner and those that were originally factory designed to hold more than 10 rounds.

Under SB 1446, no "high" capacity magazine would be allowed to be grandfathered in. If you have any pre-ban magazines, you would have to either turn them over for destruction or figure out a way to get them out of state.

But that also means that if you converted a 30 round magazine into a 10/30 for your AR or AK, you would have to turn those over as well.

Additionally, and even more insidiously, SB 1446, as it is currently written, would mean that ANY factory designed and altered magazine that was ever capable of holding more than 10 rounds would have to be turned over.

SB 1446 would mean that many full-size handguns would be rendered inoperable in California. Many full-size handguns CANNOT function without a larger magazine, which is modified by the factory to make it CA legal before it is shipped out.

Hancock's proposal totally ignores this. To say that she is after your guns is an understatement. She wants to disarm you of your current magazines and render millions of firearms useless.

Help us defeat this backdoor attempt at disarmament TODAY.