The good news keeps coming in this week.

Shortly after FPC was able to get pro-gun amendments added to AB 2510 to ensure there were needed protections for concealed carry permit holders, FPC was able to kill another anti-gun, anti-carry bill!

AB 466, by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) would hold CCW applicants to a higher – and subjective – standard of “good cause,” thereby giving anti-gun sheriffs the power to deny CCW’s by TYRANNICAL FIAT.

If AB 466 had passed, few people would have been able to prove they were “in harm’s way” more than the “mainstream public,” thus ending the issuance of most permits.

But it did not pass.

Thanks to the pressure of grassroots activists, Firearms Policy Coalition was able to stop this bill in its tracks.

Other legislative Democrats even hijacked the corpse of a bill and amended it into a tribal gaming compact, marking the second time in as many months that the bill has been gutted-and-amended.

We will not see AB 466 try to define “good cause” this year!

This is also not the first time this year that FPC has killed an anti-gun McCarty bill. Earlier in the year, AB 2459, which sought to literally put every single gun dealer out of business thanks to burdensome financial and anti-privacy requirements, was destroyed by an FPC-led coalition.

If McCarty wants to keep bringing his bills forward, we’ll keep beating them.

He has one bill left that seeks to price people out of a concealed carry permit.

Ensure that it suffers the same fate as the first two.