As we wait for the 2018 regular session in Salem, there are several things on FPC’s radar in Oregon.

Governor Brown recently renewed her call to close an alleged “loophole” in the law.

What this would essentially do is enable the government to indefinitely ban the sale of any firearm to someone based on errors, bad record keeping, and mistaken identity—giving the citizen no legal recourse to appeal this incorrectly assigned legal ‘Scarlet Letter.’

Increasing the delay to purchase a firearm for two weeks beyond the current delay time without any cause whatsoever is intolerable and amounts to nothing but harassment.

Indefinite delays of this magnitude also do not exist for any other protected rights.

The Governor also played politics with a recent effort to put SB 719 (Republican Brian Boquist’s attack on due process rights) to a public vote by waiting several weeks to sign the bill.

In doing so, the Governor narrowed the legal time window for supporters to gather the required number of signatures, dooming the repeal effort to failure.

As the last legislative session in Salem proved there’s a very dark and dishonest side to those that would oppose the simplest of rights like self-defense or due process.

They’re not just willing to bend the rules in their favor, they’ll also misrepresent the facts.