You’re disheartened.

You may be thinking about moving out of California.

You may have even blamed us or another gun group for the 5 anti-gun bills passing yesterday.

Look, I get it.

And I am just as pissed off as you are about it. 

But we have to remember something, losing one battle does not mean we have lost the war.

These bills still have to go through the entire Senate and then Governor Brown.

And FPC will be there fighting against them every step of the way.

The Second Amendment is too damn important to just raise the white flag and declare we’ve lost.

That is why FPC will never  back down.

And it is why FPC WILL NOT give up our guns or yours to a tyrannical government.

If we are to go down, we will not go down quietly.

Like the 300 Spartans that fought at Thermopylae against a Persian Army made up of tens of thousands of soldiers, we will keep fighting for every inch.

We know you will be right there besides us, shoulder to shoulder.

Make the fight for the Second Amendment this year your Thermopylae.

Make sure they know you will not comply quietly and let your rights be trampled.

We do not plan on losing the war for the Second Amendment. We will be giving them the fight of the century.

In the words of King Leonidas of Sparta, “Come and Take Them!”

For Liberty,

Richard Thomson, Grassroots Director