Baltimore: Why the Second Amendment is Absolutely Relevant (and Necessary) Today

Powerful video from ABC 7 News – WJLA on Monday, April 27, 2015: #BREAKINGNEWS — Powerful footage: Kevin Lewis on the ground in the middle of the riot situation in Baltimore. (Sound recommended) Posted by ABC 7 News – WJLA on Monday, April 27, 2015 DEFEND YOUR GUN RIGHTS: BECOME AN OFFICIAL MEMBER OF […]

BREAKING: Bans on “Assault Weapons,” Firearm Magazines Can Be Based on Feelings, Rules Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

In a stunning 2-1 decision published today that upheld a City of Highland Park, Illinois ordinance (§136.005 of the City Code) that prohibits the possession of so-called “assault weapons” and “large‐capacity magazines,” Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Frank Easterbrook held that [a]nother constitutional principle is relevant: the Constitu‐tion establishes a federal republic where local differences are […]

California ALERT: SB 678 “Smart Gun” Bill Hearing Set For April 28

On Tuesday, April 28, 2015, the Senate Public Safety Committee will hear Senate Bill 678 (Hill, D-San Mateo), a measure that was recently amended from one that created a new crime and “user-authorized” firearm technology mandate into a “smart gun” study bill. Firearms Policy Coalition has strongly opposed SB 678 since it was introduced; those interested in the […]

California: FPC Efforts Lead to Critical Amendments of Assembly Bill 443; No Longer Anti-Gun Bill

SACRAMENTO, CA – A California Assembly Bill that would have added “trafficking in firearms or other deadly weapons” and “trafficking in endangered species” to the list of acts which would constitute criminal profiteering activity was amended last week, completely removing two provisions fiercely opposed by Firearms Policy Coalition. In an April 8, 2015 letter of opposition, Firearms […]

The Hill: Republicans assail race disclosures in gun purchases

By Tim Devaney, The Hill: Gun rights advocates in Congress are up in arms over federally mandated racial disclosures in gun purchases. Republican lawmakers are seeking to roll back a controversial Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) policy that requires people to indicate their race and ethnicity when buying a gun. The Freedom […]

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