Ever since Beto O'Rourke proudly threatened to take away everyone's AR-15, Democrats have been beside themselves.

Their leadership, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, promised us that O'Rourke's views are outside of the party mainstream.

Except the anti-gunners apparently weren't as well coordinated as they like to think. Because the media just shot that narrative to pieces!

The press hosted a full circus act earlier today by conducting a "Gun Violence Town Hall" event.

And every single Democrat candidate for president with a pulse showed up - one by one - to proudly admit hell yes they're STILL coming for your AR-15!

Stop these tyrants!

And boy was the town hall a doozy...

Amy Klobuchar said "We can (enact gun control) without Congress. And then we can introduce sweeping legislation.”

Andrew Yang suggested that America should license guns and regulate them like cars, issuing gun permits based on their "level of destruction."

And then he implied that mass surveillance of gun owners might be warranted.

“We need to know who you are, what you’re doing, and why you have this arsenal.”

Even so-called "moderate" Joe Biden said, if elected, he'd either force you to give up your rifles or turn them into NFA items!

But the most chilling aspect of the media's circus act was the fact every presidential candidate who took the stage agreed on one thing: the current crop of proposed gun control in Congress is not the end game, it's just their first step.

That's right, these politicians think that a ban on nearly all rifles, a national gun registry, and mass gun confiscation is just the beginning!

Stop these tyrants!

They agreed that owning multiple firearms could be worthy of profiling you and your family.

They agreed that they think the Second Amendment is about hunting, so naturally any amount of restrictions on your rights would not conflict with the Constitution.

And they agreed they're willing to circumvent Congress to do it!

Sen. Kamala Harris even went so far as to reiterate her pledge to pass sweeping anti-gun laws by executive fiat.