Shoking... #Fakenews acting like #fakenews... 

Via Yahoo:

A survivor of the massacre as Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is accusing CNN of giving him scripted questions during Wednesday night’s town hall on gun violence.

Colton Haab told Miami’s local WPLG-TV that the network refused to allow him to raise his idea that schools consider employing U.S. military veterans as armed security guards and instead offered him canned questions.

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions and it ended up being all scripted,” Haab said, adding that he decided not to attend the event as a result.

“I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my opinion on my questions,” Haab told the station’s Janine Stanwood. “I don’t think that it’s going get anything accomplished. It’s not gonna ask the true questions that all the parents and teachers and students have.”

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