Emily Miller, journalist and the author of “Emily Gets Her Gun”, explains why concealed carry reciprocity is important.

Via the Washington Post:

Donald Trump is the first president who has a concealed carry permit. Trump is one of more than 16 million Americans with a concealed carry permit legally exercising the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Now that Trump is president, gun owners are pushing for legislation to make it federal law that a permit to carry a gun be valid when crossing state lines, just like a driver’s license.

This week, the House is expected to again pass a bill that would allow a citizen who legally carries in his or her own state to legally carry a gun in other states. Similar bills have passed the lower chamber before, but now is the time to make it law.

The concept of reciprocity among states is popular with gun owners because the current patchwork of state laws is convoluted and disorganized. Take me, for example. I was the 15th person — and first woman — to get a conceal carry permit in Washington, D.C. I passed a federal background check and did extensive, mandatory training.

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