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Bill/Issue: TX HB 545 - Prevents Sale of Firearms to Persons Deemed “Unfit”

  • Position: Opposed
  • Author: Rep. Nevarez (D-74)

Summary: HB 545 would make it a crime to sell or transfer a firearm to a person that the seller could “reasonably believe” has been deemed “unfit” by the courts. Under Texas law, a person could be deemed unfit by the courts for suffering “abnormal mental, emotional, or physical distress” or physical deterioration that “renders a person incapable of functioning independently.'' Meaning that an elderly person confined to a wheelchair could possibly be determined unfit to own a firearm and by selling to this person the seller could face punishment. HB 545 stands to leave those with physical disabilities or "non-dangerous mental health issues” at risk of being prevented from owning a firearm.

UPDATE: HB 545 postponed until 1/10/21