A major disappointment in Minnesota... 

Via Twin Cities Pioneer Press:

A push for gun rights — including a “stand your ground” bill that drew a packed hearing — at the Minnesota Legislature did not get a bill to the governor’s desk.

Both proponents and opponents of gun-rights bills expected strong backing this year, given that Republicans had just taken control of both houses.

But Republican leaders of key committees say they didn’t want to push the bills when they were also working to craft a $46 billion budget for the state. They also anticipated strong opposition from DFL Gov. Mark Dayton, who has vetoed similar legislation in the past.

“From a global perspective, the Senate didn’t take it up, and the governor doesn’t seem interested. … Do you really want to take it up in a budget year?” said Tony Cornish, a strong gun-rights advocate who chairs the House’s public safety committee.

The bills received a hearing in Cornish’s public safety committee, but none in the Senate.

“Why waste a lot of political capital on something that won’t pass?” asked Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove, who chairs the Senate judiciary committee, through which a gun bill would likely have to pass. Dayton had vetoed bills like the ones lawmakers worked on this year in the past, and said this year’s measures would meet a similar fate.

The author of the gun-rights bills that received a hearing, Rep. Jim Nash, R-Red Wing, said he was “very disappointed that the Senate didn’t move on the bill. I’m just surprised that a duo Republican Legislature wouldn’t move it at this time.”

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