Conservative woman who supports the Second Amendment? The Left's tolerance and concern for sexism and discrimination just flies out the window!

Via the Daily Wire:

Four prominent conservative women who support gun rights have been targeted with death threats, rape threats and threats to their children simply because they have championed the right to own a gun for self-defense.

Initially, Kimberly Corban, who was raped as a college sophomore in 2006, was praised because at the moment her rapist was found guilty, she released her name to the media so that other victims would gain the courage to come forward against their assailants. She told The Washington Free Beacon, “That's what my mission in life has been ever since then. So, when I would go and speak on campuses or to groups, I was well received. I didn't get the negative commentary or backlash. It was telling my story."

But that changed once Corban segued into arguing that women should carry firearms for their own self-defense. She said, "I've been speaking out about sexual assault and rape and victim trauma for 11 years now, and it really wasn't until I ‘came out' as being conservative or pro-gun that I started receiving any backlash. It's horrifying. It reinforces why I carry. Nothing about my message or my experience changed. All that changed was how other people were interpreting that."

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