Chip In $10

UPDATED: March 12, 2020 


PUBLIC NOTICE:  All previously scheduled public hearings on the Second Amendment and gun control legislation are canceled due to Coronavirus precautions. Please use the link provided below to contact your legislators in support of pro-gun legislation. 

We're less than one year away from the 2021 legislative session in Austin; and yet again, individuals funded by anti-Second Amendment billionaire Michael Bloomberg and led by Robert "Beto" O'Rourke are conspiring to debase the constitutional rights of all Texans.

The state senate has called two separate hearings in the coming weeks to hear from Texans on gun rights issues and we fully expect Bloomberg’s paid activists to be there in full force demanding a full fledged crackdown on law abiding gun owners.

We fully expect several California-style gun control bills to be introduced that would severely limit and attack the rights of Texans. 

Clearly, everyone does not have time to be in Austin for days on end opposing these anti-freedom measures.  

That's why it's vitally important for you to take action at today and remind your representatives in Austin we're not interested in what Bloomberg and Beto are selling.