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Bill/Issue: HR 130Forced Safe Storage, Investigation of Reports 

Author: Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)

Position: Strongly Opposed

Summary: Mandates so-called "safe storage" of your firearms and requires police investigation of reports that you're not blindly doing the government's bidding. 

HR 130 could be among the most chilling "safe storage" bills FPC has ever seen. Not only would this vile legislation put government bureaucrats in charge of how your guns are stored, but it would mandate an investigation of any report that your firearms are being stored 'improperly.' In other words, HR 130 would send the police into YOUR HOME - violating your due process rights - to verify compliance with this awful proposed law. 

We've seen many such laws proposed before, and we know their ultimate goal is to render your guns inaccessible. Unfortunately, this year HR 130 stands a significant chance of passing unless we take swift action. The anti-gunners' majority in the House & Senate virtually guarantees the bill will be sent to Joe Biden unless we can kill it ASAP.

Therefore, it is CRITICAL that you take action to stop HR 130. Please use our Take Action form below to contact the bill's author - Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and DEMAND that she withdraw her unconstitutional bill!