We're hitting back at Becerra.

Via Red State: 

Thousands of California gun owners attempted to comply with the state’s assault weapons registration scheme in the weeks before the June 30, 2018 deadline, but for many it was an exercise in futility. Users reported being unable to access the online registration site at all, or spending hours on the glitchy site only to have the site freeze without saving their information.

A group of gun owners who were unable to complete the registration process and comply with the law filed a civil rights lawsuit against the California Department of Justice Wednesday, requesting the ability to still register their firearms, “and that the Attorney General, the DOJ, and their officers and agents similarly comply with the law by allowing such registrations and ensuring they are properly and timely processed through a functioning online database as they have been required by statute to do.”

They are also asking the Court to prohibit the DOJ from enforcing those sections of the law until Plaintiffs and others similarly situated are “permitted a reasonable amount of time to register their firearms through a reliable and functioning system,” and for reimbursement of attorneys fees and legal costs.

Basically, Plaintiffs say, if they’re going to be held accountable for complying with the law, they want the CADOJ to be required to follow the law too – to provide the public with a functioning online registration site and to process the applications in a timely manner.

In addition to the three individual plaintiffs, four institutional plaintiffs – Firearms Policy Coalition, Calguns Foundation, Firearms Policy Foundation, and the Second Amendment Foundation – are named in the suit.

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