Senator ‘Traitor Joe’ Manchin Doesn’t Belong in the NRA, Gun Rights Group Says

Sen. 'Traitor' Joe Manchin, D-WV. Manchin opposes pro-gun bill SB 347, currently awaiting action by West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.
Sen. ‘Traitor’ Joe Manchin, D-WV. Manchin opposes pro-gun bill SB 347, currently awaiting action by West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.

(Washington, D.C.) – One of the authors of the failed Manchin-Toomey gun control proposal is back, this time working to unravel a civil rights bill overwhelmingly passed by the West Virginia Legislature.

United States Senator Joe Manchin, a self-described “card-carrying life member of the NRA and Second Amendment advocate,” has come out in swinging in opposition to West Virginia Senate Bill 347, a measure that would allow law-abiding West Virginians to exercise their fundamental, individual Second Amendment rights.

Senate Bill 347 was sent to Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s desk after the state senate give it an overwhelming thumbs-up in a 30-to-4 landslide vote on March 13.

In a March 12 press release, Manchin said that, in “West Virginia, we believe in gun sense,” a propaganda term of art coined by the gun control astroturf group Moms Demand Action. The organization is backed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is working to pass gun control proposals in numerous states.

“Senator Manchin appears to be exceedingly comfortable in his recurring role as the wolf in sheep’s clothing,” commented Firearms Policy Coalition President Brandon Combs. “Manchin has as much pro-gun credibility as ‘Bowling For Columbine’ director Michael Moore, who also claimed to be a lifetime NRA member.”

“West Virginians overwhelmingly support SB 347. The West Virginia Legislature overwhelmingly supports SB 347. The only people who don’t support SB 347 are Senator Manchin and his gun prohibitionist pals,” explained Combs.

“An anti-gun politician who keeps stabbing law-abiding gun owners in the back doesn’t deserve to be a member of the National Rifle Association. It’s long past time for ‘Traitor Joe’ to get the boot.”

Gun owners and Second Amendment advocates can urge Gov. Tomblin to sign SB 347 into law at Additionally, FPC has started a Twitter hashtag campaign to urge the NRA to “#BootJoe.”

SB 347, sponsored by state Senator Dave Sypolt (R – Preston), is supported by the West Virginia Citizens Defense League, the NRA, and Firearms Policy Coalition.

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