Sandy Hook Final Report: Pass More Gun Control

In case you were wondering what the modern gun control roadmap looked like, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission lays it out for you:

Beyond the sheer number of guns in the United States, the lethality of readily available firearms and ammunition continues to increase. The connection between the extent of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the lethality of weapons used in the attack on the school is self-evident and beyond dispute.

The Commission is deeply concerned about the proliferation, throughout the civilian population, of weapons that were specifically designed for military use during wartime. “Assault weapons” like the AR-15, as well as large capacity magazines often used with those weapons, have no legitimate place in the civilian population.

The Commission finds that the cost to society of easy civilian access to assault weapons and large capacity magazines vastly outweighs the benefits of civilian ownership.

By contrast, the Commission finds that the significant benefit to society from eliminating civilian ownership and possession of assault weapons and large capacity magazines can be realized with only a minimal burden on persons who want to hunt, engage in target practice or use weapons for self-defense.

They remain free to engage in those activities with a vast array of long guns and handguns. In short, the Commission‘s first goal is simply to limit the possession and use of weapons designed for wartime use to members of our military services and law enforcement personnel.

(Italic emphasis in original, bold emphasis added. Paragraph breaks added for clarity.)

View the full 277-page document, entitled “FINAL REPORT OF THE SANDY HOOK ADVISORY COMMISSION,” here.

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