Help us STOP the “smart gun” bill before it becomes the next Handgun Roster requirement!

California Senate Bill 678 has been scheduled to be heard by the Senate Committee on Appropriations. We need your help to kill this so-called “smart gun” bill before it advances to the Senate floor!

SB 678 would, among other things, force the California Department of Justice to “[s]urvey the state of the current user-authorized firearm industry….Assess market conditions and the barriers to the market for user-authorized firearms in the state….Investigate methods to increase the availability and use of user-authorized firearms in the state…..convene a working group in 2016 [that]….shall consist of, but not be limited to….Firearm safety advocacy organizations….[and] report its findings to the Legislature.”

FPC President Brandon Combs voiced strong opposition to SB 678 in a recent FPC letter of opposition to the Committee, saying that “Senator Hill’s SB 678 is, at best, a bill rife with conflicts of interest and is nothing short of a taxpayer-funded boondoggle that would directly benefit a small number of for-profit corporations.”

Don’t let this become the next Handgun Roster requirement — TAKE ACTION and oppose SB 678 today!