California: “Smart Gun” Bill SB 678 Hearing TOMORROW

Senate Bill 678, a bill that would create a new state-mandated “smart gun technology” exploration committee and DOJ reports on feasibility, is scheduled to be heard by the Senate Committee on Appropriations TOMORROW (Monday, May 11).

We need your help to kill Senate Bill 678 in the Appropriations Committee. We simply can’t afford for this bill to pass and evolve into next Handgun Roster mandate that bans you from acquiring common, modern handguns.

Please take 30 seconds to OPPOSE Senate Bill 678 at NOW.

Do you trust Kamala’s Department of Justice with the future of handgun technology? We don’t.

Senate Bill 678 would, among other things, mandate her DOJ to “[a]ssess market conditions and the barriers to the market for user-authorized firearms in the state….Investigate methods to increase the availability and use of user-authorized firearms in the state…..[and] report its findings to the Legislature.”

Don’t let Senate Bill 678‘s “smart gun” mandates become the next Handgun Roster requirements of tomorrow — TAKE ACTION and oppose SB 678 today!