Alert: Oppose Anti-Gun Calif. Senate Bill 707 (CCW Ban); Hearing Set For April 27


On Monday, April 27, 2015 the California Senate Committee on Appropriations will meet and hear the anti-gun Senate Bill 707. Everyone who supports ‘campus carry’ and the Second Amendment right to bear arms should immediately TAKE ACTION to oppose the bill.

If passed, SB 707 would expand the Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995 (“GFSZA”) to criminalize the carry of handguns for self-defense by retired peace officers and law-abiding Californians licensed by their sheriff or police chief to carry (“CCW”) under Cal. Penal Code 26150, et seq. On April 22, Firearms Policy Coalition submitted its written testimony to the Senate Appropriations Committee in opposition to Senate Bill 707. In our letter, we argued (among other points) that:

Expanding criminal liability under the GFSZA to honorably retired peace officers and law-abiding carry license holders will certainly not advance public safety, but it will increase the number of retired peace officers and law-abiding carry licensees that will be prosecuted into criminals for simply doing what they have done for the past twenty years (and the preceding decades before the enactment of the GFSZA) without incident.

If passed, SB 707 will send a dangerous message to the evil and insane among us: That California’s “gun-free school zones” are perfectly soft targets for their heinous acts—and not even retired peace officers will be able to stop them.

SB 707 will increase the likelihood of horrific tragedies and the potential magnitude of harm to innocent people in a shooting or terrorist attack on a California campus by prohibiting highly trained first responders from being able to defend innocent life.

You can read the rest of our letter here. Please consider Joining FPC or making a donation to support our pro-gun lobbying and legal programs.