URGENT: Oppose Anti-Gun Attorney General Nominee; Confirmation Hearing Jan 10th

Governor Jerry Brown, who signed 7 anti-gun bills last year, is trying to rush in an anti-gun replacement for Kamala Harris, who is a U.S. Senator from California.

The CA. State Assembly will take up his nomination for a vote on January 13th.

Becerra, who is currently a member of Congress, is a major proponent of gun control, supporting efforts to bankrupt gun manufacturers, and deny Americans their civil rights if they have been placed on secret government lists.

He also vocally defended former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s handling of the “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal.

Becerra hates gun owners and wants to be California’s top cop, in charge of the Department of Justice while they sort out enforcement of Proposition 63 and the 7 “Gunpocalypse” bills that are now law.

We need you to oppose Xavier Becerra for Attorney General NOW!

Sign our petition below opposing Becerra’s confirmation:

I, the undersigned, OPPOSE the nomination of Xavier Becerra for California Attorney General!