Fight the Californication of Oregon Gun Rights


You’re probably thinking your guns and your rights are safe. You don’t live in crazy California, where they seemingly pass laws for no apparent reason other than to strip away the Second Amendment.

What you probably don’t realize, however, is that the laws in California don’t stay there for long. They are traveling up the I-5 corridor at a rather quick pace.

California, along with her gun laws, is just the beginning.

It is the foundation for what Ceasefire Oregon calls the “West Coast Wall” of gun control. The whole west coast of the United States will be a gun-free zone. Starting with California, then Oregon, Washington, Nevada, etc.

It is their goal to ban ALL semi-automatic rifles, AKA “Assault Weapons,” and leave good, law-abiding people defenseless against murderers, rapists and burglars. To limit the number of rounds you can have in your magazine. To deprive you of your natural rights.

If that sounds familiar, all of that has already occurred to some extent in Oregon’s southern neighbor, California.

The plan to spread this insidious disease has already been kick-started. Oregon Governor Kate Brown has recently announced legislation to ban “high capacity” magazines from being sold.

And there will be more to come.

New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg has been busy laying the groundwork, having already spent $800,000 on lobbyists and PR firms to influence lawmakers.

But we can draw a line in the sand in Oregon. Tell Governor Brown and her anti-gun, elitist cronies that they will not Californicate the Constitutional rights of Oregonians!

Sign our petition below:

I, the undersigned, will take a stand in Oregon to protect my fundamental rights from California-style gun grabbers!  


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