Chip In $10

UPDATED: MAR 6, 2020

--Sine Die Update--

Governor Kate Brown and her co-conspirators in the Oregon State Legislature planned several bills to infringe on your right to keep and bear arms.

These measures were a direct attack on your rights!

HB 4005 relates to "safe storage" of firearms; however; it's a byzantine measure that weaves a deceptive web of confusion. It also penalizes victims of gun thefts while doing nothing to further penalize those that steal or use firearms illegally. Ultimately this is also a gift to trial attorneys wanting to sue crime victims that get their guns stolen.

SB 1538 and HB 4036 will limit the ability of Oregon CHL holders to safely defend themselves and others; additionally, they will put gun owners at risk of arrest.

UPDATE: Please email to THANK Sen. Baertschiger and Rep. Drazan for leading a walkout and denying a quorum again for votes on anti-rights legislation. Please send them a quick thank you note for refusing to back down!