Chip In $10

Bill/Issue: HR 1446, HR 8, Untitled Senate Bill

Position: Strongly Opposed

Summary: These bills are all designed to implement a nationwide registry of your firearms, setting the stage for gun confiscation.

The floodgates have opened on gun registry legislation, with three bills introduced in one day designed to force Universal Background Checks on gun transfers. And one of these anti-gun bills - HR 8 - already has support from Republicans. 

Due to Democrat control of the House, Senate and White House, this should be a RED ALERT for gun owners. Indeed, there are even reports that these bills could be moved to a full vote sometime NEXT WEEK!

That's right, Nancy Pelosi and her cronies are prepared to move these anti-gun bills through at lightning speed, shortening a process that normally takes months into just a few days or perhaps even hours. Therefore, it is URGENT that you take action.

Republicans and Democrats are prepared to work TOGETHER in order to force registration of your guns in preparation for possible ATF action, confiscations and more. We CANNOT let them get away with this collusion.

Please fill out FPC's Take Action form below IMMEDIATELY and contact the entire Congress. Tell them to REJECT all of the above gun registration legislation.