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A federal, age-based ban is a direct violation of the Second Amendment and a threat to our livelihoods. 

Nearly 15 million adults would lose the ability to purchase firearms to protect themselves and their families if it takes effect. 

This type of ban places blame on a person's age rather than the misuse of an inanimate object when an individual commits a crime. It fails to address the root of the problem, which lies within the person themself, and it punishes law-abiding citizens in the meantime. 

It would inhibit the constitutional rights of young adults that are allowed to vote, enter into contracts, and serve in the military. 

What other constitutional right could be limited and segmented among free and legal adults over 18? The right to vote? Free speech? Protest? Assembly? Due Process? Speedy Trials? Worship? Equal protection? Privacy? Marriage? Movement? The answer of course, is none. And any type of proposed ban can and should be quickly rejected.

Using FPC's Grassroots Action form below, tell Congress to oppose a federal age ban on firearms.