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Bill/Issue: ROGC 19-272 - Mandatory Insurance for All Gun Owners

  • Author: Councilmember Peralez (District-3)
  • Position: Strongly Opposed

ROGC 19-272 is Councilmember Peralez's version of mandatory insurance for all gun owners and also includes other oppressive gun control measures.

ROGC 19-272 would require gun owners to have non-existent and impossible to create insurance that covers damages caused by accidental discharge or “intentional acts of third parties”. Meaning that if someone stole and used your firearm in a murder then your insurance would have to cover the damages.

In the extremely likely event this insurance was unavailable, gun owners in the city of San Jose would be required to pay an exorbitant fee that would go towards paying for all damage caused to the public by firearms use. Meaning gun owners would have to foot the bill and further be blamed for the actions of criminals.

Use the Take Action Form below and tell Mayor Liccardo and the City Counsel that this insane tax collection scheme will not be allowed to infringe upon our rights: