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H.R.7115 was introduced during the election, when nobody was paying attention, and it's one of the most dangerous, anti-gun bills introduced this year!

First, this bill would not only outlaw home-gunsmithing, but it would also ban unfinished receivers and handgun frames (i.e. 80% lower receivers). Furthermore, it doesn't even make a distinction between upper and lower receivers!

Second and more importantly, this bill would ban broadly-defined "assault weapon parts kits" and "machine gun parts kits." According to the bill's definition, "assault weapon parts kit" means "any part or combination of parts designed and intended to... assemble a semiautomatic assault weapon." 

In other words, this bill could ban triggers, springs, bolts, barrels, grips, stocks - you name it.

H.R.7115 is nothing more than an underhanded attack on your right to own semi-automatic rifles and it must be stopped at all costs.

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