Chip In $10

Update 03/09/2020: These bills were acted on over the weekend and have moved to Governor Northam's desk

  • HB 2/SB 70 Criminalizes private sale, trade, and transfer of firearms
  • HB 812/SB 69 Handgun Rationing limits purchases to one per month, Law Enforcement exempt
  • HB 160 "Stop Gun Violence" propaganda license plates
  • SB 71 Turns preschools and daycares into "gun free" zones.
  • SB 263 Removes electronic demonstration of competence for Concealed Handgun Licences
  • SB 436 Voluntary Do Not Sell registry
  • SB 543 Mandatory background checks

Governor Ralph Northam and his anti-rights collaborators filed dozens of gun control bills and counting as part of a grand plan to ban and forcibly confiscate firearms in Virginia. 

Everything under the sun is being proposed; from total confiscatory gun bans on semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, creating "gun free" zones, expanded waiting periods, to banning individuals under 21-years-old from purchasing firearms.

This is the gun banner yearly game plan:  flood the zone with horrible bills while sneaking a few “less extreme” or “more reasonable” ones past while everyone is distracted by the worst of the worst.  This is an incremental strategy and you can see it in action in many states now yearly. 

Some democrats in Virginia along with Gov. Northam have even raised the specter of “the boogaloo” with some going as far as calling for the national guard to enforce the planned gun ban laws in the over 100 new Second Amendment “sanctuary” municipalities.

However, Northam, et. al. are supposedly backing off the total ban—for now. Don’t be fooled though. Once they pass something bad they’ll be back for a second helping. They always are. Don’t ever feed the bears, and don’t give up rights without a fight. 

TAKE ACTION by sending the email below to Governor Northam demanding he OPPOSE these blatant infringements!