Chip In $10

UPDATE:  SB 35, SB 69, SB 70, and SB 240 were voted out of the committee on Monday Jan. 13th and are now eligible for a floor vote in the democrat-controlled state senate. It is imperative that you click on the take action link below to urge your representatives to vote NO on these rights-violating bills.

Governor Ralph "smooth criminal" Northam and his anti-rights collaborators filed dozens of gun control bills and counting as part of a grand plan to ban and forcibly confiscate firearms in Virginia. 

Everything under the sun is being proposed; from total confiscatory gun bans on semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, creating "gun free" zones, expanded waiting periods, to banning individuals under 21-years-old from purchasing firearms.

This is the gun banner yearly game plan:  flood the zone with horrible bills while sneaking a few “less extreme” or “more reasonable” ones past while everyone is distracted by the worst of the worst.  This is an incremental strategy and you can see it in action in many states now yearly. 

Some democrats in Virginia along with Gov. Northam have even raised the specter of “the boogaloo” with some going as far as calling for the national guard to enforce the planned gun ban laws in the over 100 new Second Amendment “sanctuary” municipalities.

However, Northam, et al are supposedly backing off the total ban—for now. Don’t be fooled though. Once they pass something bad they’ll be back for a second helping. They always are. Don’t ever feed the bears, and don’t give up rights without a fight. 

TAKE ACTION by clicking on the link below and OPPOSE these bills!

  • SB 16 would criminalize and ban possession of semi-automatic firearms; as well as magazines over ten rounds--that means turning almost all gun owners into felons overnight. 
  • HB 961 would criminalize possession of a magazine holding more than ten rounds, bans semi-automatic firearms, bans suppressors.
  • HB 960 would create an additional state excise tax of ten percent on firearms and ammunition.
  • SB 506 would allow municipalities to create laws stricter than state law that limit gun rights. 
  • Gov. Northam has requested funding for an 18-man gun confiscation squad in the annual budget.
  • HB 2 Criminalizes private sale, trade, and transfer of firearms; Increases waiting period to 3 days.
  • HB 9 Implements civil penalty and fine for failure to report lost or stolen firearm within 24 hours.
  • HB 72 Increases penalty to felony for any access to firearms to children under 14.
  • HJ 10 Creates and politicizes official "gun violence" awareness day.
  • SB 12 Criminalizes private sale, trade, and transfer of firearms.
  • SB 13 Turns entire state capitol grounds into "gun free" zone.
  • SB 14 Outlaws all bump stocks, binary triggers, and trigger cranks.
  • SB 15 Turns all government owned and leased buildings into "gun free" zones.
  • SB 18 Bans sale or transfer of firearms to all individuals under 21; bans individuals under 18 from using or possessing firearms.
  • SB 22 Implements bureaucratic registration scheme and waiting periods upon purchase of more than one handgun in 30 days.
  • SB 35 Allows government to implement "gun free" zones.
  • SB 64 Criminalizes "paramility" training; criminalizes freedom of assembly with firearms; criminalizes "intimidation".
  • SB 67 Implements civil penalty and fine for failure to report lost or stolen firearm within 24 hours.
  • SB 69 Implements bureaucratic background check purchase scheme for more than one handgun purchase in 30 days.
  • SB 70 Criminalizes private sale, trade, and transfer of firearms.
  • SB 71 Turns preschools and daycares into "gun free" zones.
  • SB 75 Bans access to firearms for individuals under 18, criminal penalty on adults.
  • SB 76 Expands gun ban protection orders to any subject of any protective order.
  • HB142 Excludes online training and educational courses from being eligible to qualify for concealed handgun permit.
  • SB 240 “Red Flag” gun confiscation without due process
  • SB 450 Creates gun free zones at government meetings, government buildings
  • SB 505 Gun free zones in government buildings; allows municipalities to create gun laws stricter than state law
  • SB 543 Outlaws private sales and transfers at gun shows
  • SB 615 Gun free zones in government buildings and on public property