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Bill: CA SB 264

Sponsor(s): Sen. David Min (D-37)

Position: Strongly Opposed

Summary: Forbids the sale of guns and ammunition on property owned or leased by the state government. 

CA SB 264 prevents state employees, lessees, and licensees of state property from contracting for, authorizing, or allowing the sale of firearms or ammunition in government buildings, on government grounds, and on or in properties leased, occupied, or operated by the state of California. The bill would not prevent law enforcement agencies from holding gun “buybacks”. 

This would not only stop some gun shows from taking place, but it will also affect FFLs if they are leasing space from the State of California. 

SB 264 is intended to prevent people from exercising their rights by cutting off lawful commercial access, and by banning the use of government property, Senator Min’s bill will reduce the ability of individuals to lawfully and safely purchase and sell firearms and ammunition.

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