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3/2/21 UPDATE: Garland's confirmation has been advanced out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He now faces a full floor vote in the Senate as early as THIS WEEK!

Bill/Issue: The nomination of anti-gunner Merrick Garland for Attorney General 

Position: Strongly Opposed

Summary: President Joe Biden has nominated Merrick Garland - Pres. Obama's former choice for the Supreme Court - to lead the Department of Justice. 

President Joe Biden has nominated Merrick Garland for U.S. Attorney General. Gun owners will remember Garland as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Judge originally picked by former President Obama to fill Justice Scalia's SCOTUS seat. 

Judge Garland's ascension to head of the DOJ would be a DISASTER for the Second Amendment. Indeed, it's clear from his prior rulings and opinions that Garland does not believe the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to keep and bear arms. Prior to the famous Heller decision, a federal appeals court issued a ruling in the case Parker v. D.C. striking down the Capitol's ban on civilian handgun ownership. Garland later voiced displeasure with this decision and voted to rehear the case. 

What's more, Garland has a long history of disdain for the Second Amendment, and would likely be a brutal enforcer of unconstitutional gun laws under the new Biden regime. After all, Garland doesn't even believe that individuals have any gun rights whatsoever! 

That's why FPC is urging all its member and supporters, and indeed all gun owners, to take immediate action to contact the Senate and tell them to REJECT any attempt to confirm Garland for AG.

Please use FPC's Take Action form below right now and make your voice heard before this tyrant can do even more damage to your fundamental right to keep and bear arms!