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President Trump has nominated William Barr for attorney general. Barr is known to be hostile to the Second Amendment, and has made statements in support of gun control.

In 1991, Barr publicly stated he would support the Brady Bill waiting period, as well as the DeConcini amendment (which would have banned semi-automatic firearms). Further, Barr has previously voiced support for magazine bans.

You can watch Barr advocate for gun control here

More disturbingly, Barr has recently expressed support for so-called "Extreme Risk Protection Orders," also known as "Red Flag" laws. FPC strongly opposes such schemes because “red flag” orders, and their underlying statutes, are unconstitutional, unsound, and dangerous (both on an acute, individual basis and as in broader terms of individual liberty and fundamental principles).

Adding insult to injury, Mr. Barr also testified that, in his view, “there is room for reasonable regulation” of Second Amendment rights and related instruments.

This is a strong indicator that Mr. Barr, if confirmed, would not only maintain the DOJ’s troubling current litigation positions, but potentially even direct United States Attorneys and civil litigation counsel across the nation to take even more aggressively anti-rights, authoritarian positions in a wide variety of prosecutions and constitutional challenges.

Therefore, we must ask that you oppose President Trump's nomination of William Barr as AG. Unless Barr renounces his support for gun control, we cannot in good conscience allow him to be elevated to the top law enforcement job in the United States.

Please tell the members of the Senate to withhold consent and reject Mr. Barr's nomination to Attorney General of the United States using our Take Action tools below: