Apparently, snowflakes aren't welcome in Huntington Beach. 

Via the OC Register: 

Already in his pajamas, Daniel Horgan didn’t expect to hear a knock on his door at 9 p.m. Even more surprising, his visitor swiftly tagged him with a lawsuit.

Yet another shocker was the plaintiff: Huntington Beach, where Horgan grew up and still resides.

“The Automatic Weapons Initiative is unconstitutional, invalid and not entitled to placement on the ballot,” the 25-page complaint reads.

“His initiative squarely hits the Second Amendment between the eyes and puts the city in opposition to state and federal law,” said City Attorney Michael Gates.

Horgan hastily wrote the gun-control initiative last fall, in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre. A few weeks later, he submitted his intent to circulate the petition to the city clerk’s office...

To “gauge interest,” Horgan paid a mailing company $1,300 to send out 2,000 copies of his petition to registered voters. It proposes a law requiring “all semi-automatic and automatic guns and rifles to be turned in to the City of Huntington Beach Police Department by Jan. 1, 2019.”

He would need about 12,000 signatures by June 2 for the measure to appear on the November ballot. From that initial batch, Horgan collected around 600.

Although he faced an uphill climb under a tight deadline, Horgan gave another 2,000 petitions a chance.

He came home from a vacation in mid-April “hoping to see a stuffed mailbox,” Horgan said. Instead, he found only 50 responses – a few featuring unfavorable messages such as “Eat Poo Snowflake"...

That was probably it for the expensive mailings, he realized: “Miserable tally – the support just wasn’t there.”

Then on April 24, shortly after it was approved by the City Council in a closed session, Horgan was served with the lawsuit. He is scheduled to appear in Orange County Superior Court on May 24.

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