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Bill: North Dakota HB 1339

Position: Support

Author: Reps. Simons (R-36), Becker (R-7), Christensen (R-24), Ertelt (R-26), Hoverson (R-3), Jones (R-4),  Koppelman (R-16), Paulson (R-3), Toman (R-34), Sen. O. Larsen (R-3)

Summary: Removes knife restrictions and reduces knife carry restrictions


North Dakota HB 1339 eliminates a number of function and feature-specific items from the state’s “dangerous weapons” list by simplifying terms. For example, “switchblades” and “gravity knives” would no longer automatically restricted.

HB 1339 also eliminates athletic and sporting events from its list of weapons-restricted locations, while clarifying that carry at schools would be allowed as long as parents and guardians carry while picking up and dropping their kids off at school. 

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