The snowball of Socialism is gaining speed in N.J. 


Gov. Phil Murphy is proposing to significantly hike fees for buying and selling firearms in New Jersey, a move that would raise the cost of gun permits and licenses for the first time in half a century and likely trigger a legal challenge from Second Amendment advocates.

Murphy, a Democrat who has already signed half a dozen gun control bills in his first few months in office, has publicly called for raising such fees.

"It's hard to believe it's actually cheaper to get a permit to purchase a handgun, which is $2, than it is to get a dog license in practically any town in our state," Murphy said at a June 13 bill signing.

New Jersey hasn't increased fees since the 1960s, but draft legislation obtained by NJ Advance Media shows Murphy wants to raise them far beyond the rate of inflation. The proposal, which Murphy's office shared with lawmakers as part of the budget process, has not been formally introduced in the state Legislature. 

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