WVTM: Proposed Alabama bill would allow guns in vehicles without permit

Dozens of law enforcement leaders are fighting legislation that gives lawful gun owners the legal right to carry a loaded weapon in their vehicle without permit.

Right now, Alabama requires everyone to undergo a background check to get a conceal-carry permit in order to have a loaded gun within reach while driving.

The new bill eliminates that requirement.

“We pay for our cars. We pay for our tags. It is an extension of your home, your personal right to carry in your car,” said Amy Parrish, a firearms teacher.

Wednesday, about three dozen sheriffs and police chiefs from across Alabama drove to Montgomery and voiced their opposition to the legislation.

Many claim the bill would make it easier for people to bypass another background check layer, which could create a safety risk for the public and law enforcement officers.

Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale is one of the few sheriffs around the state who has spoken out in favor of the bill.

“Those who support Sen. Allen’s bill are for the Second Amendment. Those who oppose it are for control, for whatever reason,” Hale said.

He feels since the people already have to pass a background check to buy a gun, the law-abiding public should not have to undergo another check just to carry a loaded weapon while they are driving down the road.

“I simply want to extend that same feeling of safety to honest, law-abiding citizens without having to charge them for it,” Hale said.

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