Woman open fires on burglars in her Detroit home, intruders flee

Holly Fournier and George Hunter for The Detroit News report:

Five men who broke into Dietta Gueye’s east side home early Tuesday morning got more than they bargained for when the 34-year-old woman opened fire at them with the 9 mm Glock she keeps by her bedside….

One of the men shot back and hit Gueye in the right thigh. But after treatment at a local hospital, she said she felt fine.

…The incident is the second this week in which a woman with a concealed pistol license opened fire on criminals in Detroit. On Monday, a 27-year-old woman shot a 16-year-old would-be carjacker in the arm.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig made national headlines last year when he said “good Americans” with concealed weapons licenses could lower the crime rate, because it would make criminals reluctant to attack them.

Gueye believes the five men who broke into her house Tuesday likely will think twice before doing it again.

“I hope they take this as a lesson,” she said. “Beware, because you never know if someone you’re trying to hurt is packing.”

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