WND: Obama’s gun control looms as New Year dawns; Rand Paul vows to ‘fight tooth and nail’ for 2nd Amendment

The New Year dawns – and with it, President Obama’s promised executive action on guns. But at least one congressional member on Capitol Hill has taken swift action to stop the tide of executive overreach.

Sen. Rand Paul has introduced legislation to keep the White House from overextending its jurisdiction and issuing executive orders that curtail the Second Amendment – a measure that comes in direct response to Obama’s vow to enact gun control by dictate shortly after the new year, and one that will likely set the stage for a White House-Congress battle of policy wits.

Paul’s legislation would limit such orders to “advisory” status “only,” Breitbart reported. Specifically, it would limit “any executive action on gun control that either infringes upon congressional authority or potentially violates the Second Amendment,” the Hill reported. The “advisory only” tag means Congress would have to pass the recommended action before it could take effect.

Paul’s bill would also let a “state official, member of Congress or person affected by an executive action on gun control to launch a civil lawsuit,” as Breitbart reported.

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