What’s the point California’s illegal gun blacklist?

Brendan Pringle for Guns.com noted today:

It’s a rare occasion when the Washington Post and Reason Magazine agree on anything, but the absurdity of California’s gun policy had both media outlets buzzing recently.

While other states prohibit gun ownership for felons, those committed for mental illness, domestic violence offenders or drug abusers, California goes an extra step.

As the Washington Post explains, the State of California deploys “armed agents in bulletproof vests” to make sure these people have parted ways with their guns. The state uses its database to actively search for registered gun owners who fall under these categories.

And like most of California’s policies, the success rate does not justify the cost. Back in 2013, in the height of the post-Sandy Hook gun control push, California lawmakers gave this already-failing program a $24 million boost.

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