Washington Free Beacon: Black Philadelphians Gather to Learn About Gun Rights as DNC Rolls Into Town

A guns rights group took advantage of the Democratic National Convention to educate black Philadelphians about the Second Amendment. Via the Washington Free Beacon:

A gun rights advocacy group on Monday hosted a town hall-style meeting to teach black Philadelphians about their Second Amendment rights and how to legally exercise them while Democrats gathered at the Wells Fargo Center for the Democratic National Convention.

The event was run by Black Guns Matter, a gun rights advocacy group founded by Philadelphia local Maj Toure. Although the group is only a few months old, it has already outgrown its meeting space at the Philly Firearms Academy.

“We’re a firearms safety, education, and training organization that helps people to not only maintain their Second Amendment rights but become more responsible firearms owners and good citizens,” Toure said. “That’s what we’re about.”

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