Ignorant Hit Piece on Home-Built Firearms (“Ghost Guns”) by the ATF shills at Vice

An ignorant hit piece on home-built firearms (so-called “ghost guns”) from the ATF shills at Vice.com:

At what point does a gun become a gun? The difference between a firearm and an inanimate hunk of aluminum is just a matter of a few of holes drilled into an unfinished metal receiver.

For Dimitri Karras, who manufactures the raw materials that become AR15s, that difference is everything. Because it is legal for a hobbyist to make a gun in the comfort of their own home without going through a background check or registering it, negotiating the boundary between what is a gun and what isn’t has become Karrass’s passion. In this episode of California Soul, we delve into the world of do-it-yourself weapons to see what the future holds for gun control in America.