Vermont bill to allow civilian ownership of suppressors in final stages

Chris Eger from reported today on a Vermont bill that could impact gun rights in the state. He writes:

A bid to make Vermont the 40th state to allow for the ownership of suppressors – and possibly bring jobs to the state in return – is in its final push to becoming law.

The bill was introduced to the House in February as a standalone measure before being rolled into larger Senate economic development package which passed that body unanimously on April 10 before seeing the a 141-2 roll call Tuesday. It now heads to a conference committee for final consideration.

While it would repeal one of the oldest bans in the nation on the devices, established even before the implementation of the National Firearms Act that regulates them on a federal level, if the bill is successful it could also bring a bump in employment.

“From what we understand, this would be bringing jobs to Vermont,” House Commerce and Economic Development Committee vice chair Mike Marcotte, R-Coventry, told Seven Days Vermont, citing a possible expansion to allow the manufacture of suppressors by defense contractor General Dynamics who has facilities in the state but currently cannot fulfill contracts for suppressors at those plants due to state law.

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