Utah law allows gun owners to use deadly force in many cases

Recent incidents in Orem, Utah have prompted growing public awareness and conversation about Utah’s gun laws. Lindsey Whitehurst and Brady McCombs for the Washington Times report:

…Two Utah men fatally shot would-be criminals a few miles apart over the weekend, but neither shooter is expected to face charges in a gun-friendly state that was one of the first to pass a “Stand Your Ground”-style law more than 20 years ago….Prosecutors have yet to review the cases, but police and legal experts say the shooters will likely be cleared of wrongdoing, since Utah allows the use of deadly force in many circumstances…..

….Utah’s law was revised in 1994 to extend protections for use of deadly force in public without a duty to walk away – more than a decade before Florida passed its well-known “Stand Your Ground” law in 2005, Laura Cutilletta, a Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence attorney, said Tuesday. Since then, at least 30 states have enacted similar self-defense laws.

Cutilletta said it sets “a very dangerous normal” by making “people feel like it’s kind of their job to do the work that police should be doing.”

But gun rights advocates say the weekend shootings show that Utah’s laws allow responsible gun owners to protect themselves and others.

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