University of Rhode Island police to carry guns

Campus police at the University of Rhode Island (URI) will soon begin carrying firearms in an effort to provide for faster armed response in potential future crises. NECN reports:

The move to arm police came after a false alarm in 2013, when some students in a lecture hall thought they heard someone say they had a gun, setting off a panic on URI’s bucolic campus in South Kingstown. While campus police arrived at the scene in less than a minute, it took about five minutes for armed police from South Kingstown to arrive. No gun was ever found.

University officials say the change will help campus police do their jobs and ensure safety.

“URI police needed to be prepared to be first responders in any emergency,” university President David Dooley said.

A student government survey of URI undergrads in 2013 found that about two-thirds of respondents favored arming campus police. Michelle Fisette, a senior, calls it a great decision. She was in the classroom in 2013 when the false alarm happened and mayhem broke out.

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